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C R E D I S O L® Skin Prick Test Allergens

Click the document icon to download the latest list of available allergens for skin prick testing

C R E D I S O L® Skin Test Allergens are aqueous allergen extracts containing glycerine and preserved with phenol with their strength expressed in Protein Nitrogen units (PNU).


C R E D I S O L® Skin Test Allergens are active allergenic substances such as pollen, fungal spores, dust mites, dusts, insects, animal epithelia and foods in standardized PNU strengths.


The modified Prick Test Method is recommended for performing skin testing. This method reduces testing allergen use giving approximately 150 tests per vial.


Prick Testing is the most convenient and sensitive of the skin testing techniques; it is:

  1. A faster testing process and is convenient and painless

  2. Specificity and reproducibility are good

  3. Correlates well with in-vitro methods e.g.RAST, specific IgE

  4. Minimises risk factors while testing



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